Embraced comprises of two charismatic lively ladies, Becky and Claire, who strive to project a fun filled night of entertainment for your venue.  They are no strangers to the circuit having performed together as a duo for 15 years, their close friendship outside of their work transcends to their on stage relationship and projects to the audience a sense of energy and believability that the girls are passionate about their performance.

Embraced have the talent and ability to adapt to a varied range of people, regardless of an audiences age, their music ranges from the sixties right through to popular chart music and perform most eras and styles, disco, soul, Motown and pop music are where the girls come alive and turn the evening in to a party night.

The two girls have performed at venues up and down the country over the years and have clocked up the miles singing at corporate events, clubs and bars.  They have performed at private parties, weddings and other functions. They have also been involved with local city council events and fundraiser's providing mc and vocals for the annual street dance show for Fahrenheit dance studios.

Embraced show no signs of slowing down anytime soon and show commitment to their craft with strong vocals, harmonies and like-ability factor. Their passion for entertaining is infectious and has stood the test of time.

Becky and Claire are guaranteed to give a room an uplifting atmosphere and will fill a dance floor leaving a crowd at the end of the night wanting more.

Looking for a party night, Embraced are the party!


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