With George Michael known for having one of the greatest voices in the world, with his silky tone and incredible range, he had the ability to give a warmth to any song he chose. It is no surprise that Fletch decided in the past few years to pay tribute having similar abilities.

Fletch has spent over 25 years wowing crowds all over the UK and Europe with his ability to put any audience at ease and take them on a musical journey.

Having been compared to the great man himself on numerous occasions over the years, his greatest compliment came ten years before he started his tribute. Whilst singing in a nightclub, Fletch was approached by none other than Pepsi, one half of 80's pop duo Pepsi and Shirlie, but more importantly, one of wham's actual backing singers and a close friend of George himself commented on how similar his voice was to George.

Not being able to pass up an opportunity, he cheekily asked Pepsi to sing a duet, and they performed to a stunned venue and rapturous applause.

It was a few years later when Fletch decided to give his interpretation and perform his George Michael older tribute showcasing the mature George. relaxing and with great songs, the journey is 'amazing' and before you know it you'll be singing along to the likes of Faith, Careless Whisper and dancing to Wham hits as well......

Fletch also performs as a cabaret entertainer with a vast repertoire from 1920s through to present day. From Tom Jones to Robbie Williams. Fletch is an award winning entertainer.  He has also appeared on stage with diversity from Britain's Got Talent.

Fletch is a fantastic entertainer!!!


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