Stevie is an amazing entertainer; he began singing at a young age after listening to his mother play the great soul artists of Motown.

In his 20's Stevie joined a band and travelled around the North West, where he met many Motown lovers.

People say that Stevie was born to sing Motown songs. Over the years Stevie has included other artists, like Luther Vandross, Stevie Wonder, Jackie Wilson, Otis Reading and Lionel Richie in to his show. Stevie also covers a number of The Temptations and Wilson Pickett songs plus many more.  Stevie also covers new and upcoming artists who appeal to him and the audience.

To Stevie the audience is extremely important as he likes them to enjoy the evening and involves them in his show. Stevie loves meeting and entertaining people.

Stevie King is a fantastic performer with a brilliant voice and is sure to please any audience.

Stevie King

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