Katy Perry the pop princess with the candy-coated cleavage, the voice that can carry huge choruses and a classically cute face. Katy is fun, glamorous, heart-breaking, inspiring, crazy, magical and passionate about everything she does, her up lifting spirit has inspired a nation and not only Rebecca.

After performing professionally from the young age of ten, Rebecca feels she can captivate her audience with as much determination, compassion and vocal power as Katy. After studying Katy’s album ‘Teenage Dream’, Rebecca has not only learnt the songs but has captured the fun bubbly character behind most of Katy’s songs to give a strong, fun, action filled live performance as ‘Katy’s Teenage Dream’.

Rebecca’s ‘Katy’s Teenage Dream’ show is truly unique, from the lookalike costume, hair styles, make up and performance. Rebecca takes pride in every aspect of her tribute and leaves her audience feeling truly captivated by their ‘Katy’s Teenage Dream’ experience.to it, the fast paced girly pop music makes it easy for Rebecca to capture her audience and get them singing and dancing the night away with her.

This is a 60 minute show however Rebecca can add a 45 minute dance spot to keep the party going.

Someone Like Adele

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