One of the most inspiring talents to emerge from British pop culture, Jessie J’s message is loud and clear: be strong, be determined and never shy away from ‘who you are’. Jessie j’s soul vocals mixed with contemporary R&B, Pop, Electropop, and hip hop beats have inspired many nation, as well as Rebecca.

After performing professionally from the young age of ten, Rebecca feels she can captivate her audience with as much determination, compassion and vocal power as Jessie j. After carefully studying Jessie’s album ‘who you are’ , Rebecca feels she has not only learnt the songs but she has captured the message behind most of Jessie’s songs to give a strong, soulful, R&B live performance as ‘Simply Jessie J’.

Rebecca’s show is truly unique, from the lookalike costume, hair style, make up and performance. Rebecca takes pride in every aspect of her tribute, not just her vocals, making sure to leave her audience feeling truly captivated by their ‘simply Jessie J’ experience.

‘Simply Jessie J’ is a unique show with 2 costume changes including the outrageous leopard print cat suit made famous by Jessie J herself. This tribute has a real party feel to it, the fast paced pop music makes it easy for Rebecca to capture her audience and get them singing and dancing the night away with her. Rebecca uses Jessie J’s outrageous character to capture the audience and grab their attention.  

‘Simply Jessie J’ is a 60 minute show but clients looking for more than one tribute Rebecca can also perform Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Adele.

Simply Jesse J

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