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Bobby Gee’s Bucks Fizz

Bobby Gee's Bucks Fizz

Whilst the Eurovision Song Contest may not be regarded as the most trendy route to fame, it certainly opened the door for ABBA, who won the contest in 1974 with ‘Waterloo’.

Seven years later, in 1981, the remarkable success story of Bucks Fizz commenced. Employing a similar vocal line up to ABBA, Bucks Fizz also won the contest, with the never to be forgotten ‘Making Your Mind Up’, which was the first of twenty plus UK chart hits.

34 years on, the group has continued and after various changes in personnel, founder member and lead singer, Bobby G, settled on a line up of superb performers. With a brilliantly produced live show, Bobby G, Heidi Manton, Louise Hart and Graham Crisp are now recognised as without doubt the best ever Bucks Fizz.

With worldwide record sales exceeding 50 million and a host of gold and silver records, America, Europe, Australia and the Far East have all fallen under the charms of Bucks Fizz – this exciting and talented line up is certain to ensure that the name Bucks Fizz will remain a major TV, recording and concert attraction.

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