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Company of Strangers

Company of Strangers

Company Of Strangers have been entertaining audiences since their first show in December 2015. This prodigious group of men and their unique take on classic rock songs has been building a buzz in the north west of England’s pub/club scene ever since.  Company Of Strangers are made up of five experienced musicians from a variety of musical styles. they were formed in mid-2015 with lead guitarist Mick Walsh, bassist Tony Cooper and drummer Ian Fletcher wishing to create a set of classic rock covers that are not often heard but well known all the same.

The summer of 2015 saw the final lead up created with the audition of Steve Taylor on lead guitar and Anthony Hammond on vocals.  ‘It soon became clear in rehearsals that this was a quality set up with like-minded musicians’ says Ian. ‘It all just fell into place’.  The band’s sound developed with a unique combination of electronic drums, dynamic dual lead guitar and superb vocals. ‘At first we just had this classic rock revival thing in mind’, recalls Tony.  ‘But when Steve came along, we soon found we were creating a unique edge to some of the best classic rock around’.

From a technical point of view, company of strangers are fully self-contained with top quality pa, amplifiers, instruments and lighting.  Company Of Strangers are well on their way to becoming firmly established and acknowledged for their stage performance and style of music, but most of all for their sense of enjoyment on and off stage.

A large and varied catalogue of songs means set lists can be made to suit each venue.

This all make for a top night of classic rock in the Company of Strangers.

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