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James Kokomo = A tribute to The Beach Boys

James Kokomo

James is one of the most experienced artistes on the circuit today, and he has produced an entertaining and Fun, Fun, Fun-packed show. He began his career as a musician in rock bands and cabaret groups, during which time he toured the country supporting well-known artistes at all the top venues. 

He eventually formed a multi award-winning harmony trio with his wife and daughter. However, as finance became difficult within the industry they each went their separate ways as solo acts, and James decided to establish a tribute show. He has always admired Carl Wilson of the Beach Boys, and on realising that he has a similar vocal range to Carl he chose to work on a show which is a tribute to him. Carl went solo for many years but still performed Beach Boys songs within his set. 

Carl Wilson’s vocal range was exceptional, but it is hard to believe that James is the only artiste performing a tribute to the music of the Beach Boys outside the south-east of England. 

A usual set for the show is as follows, but Carl and the Beach Boys had many familiar hits to choose from so it does change from time to time:  

 (1965)  California Girls    

 (1966 – UK silver)  God Only Knows 

(1968 UK No 1)  Do It Again    

(1969)  I Can Hear Music 

(1969)  Break Away 

(1964)  Fun, Fun, Fun 

(1963)  Surfin’ USA 

(1965 US No 1)  Help Me, Rhonda  

(1964 1st US No 1 – US gold)  I Get Around    

(1966 – No 12 in USA)  Do You Want to Dance 

(1965 – US No 2 UK No 3)  Barbara Ann 

(1966)  Wouldn’t It Be Nice 

(1988 US No 1 platinum)   Kokomo     

(from the film Cocktail with Tom Cruise) 

(1968)  Darlin 


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