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Jean Pasquill

Jean Pasquill

Jean has been a working act for around 30 years.  She started performing at the age of 4 years old entertaining and having great fun at the same time.  With an obvious passion for performing it was no great surprise that this then became the path for her to take as a career.

Jean has performed internationally and has won numerous awards over the years for best female vocalist and entertainer.  She has supported many other artistes over the years including:  Ken Dodd, Mick Miller, Mike Lancaster, and The Mersey Beats.

As well as comedy act Jean does a number of different cabaret shows and her repertoire of music is very full from musical theatre to regular pop spanning well over 50 years, so there is something for everyone, young and old alike.

Jean now has many shows, which include the following:

Night & Day Duo – A tribute show to Doris Day and Friends,

Profile 22 Trio – A solo tribute to Doris Day, Girls of the 60’s show and The Lady of Swing Show.

Plus of course her own show as a vocal/comedy entertainer.

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