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Wayne Roberts

Wayne Roberts

What can be said about this (youngish) versatile entertainer? (quite a bit)

He started his career entertaining at a very young age.

His blend of vocal capability, handsome good looks and humour are a must see experience. His musical repertoire has something for everybody, new comedy, new songs, yet still outrageous.

Venues rave about his show leaving with a smile on their face and a pain in their ribs.

Wayne can also perform as a vocal entertainer (no jokes).

Wayne has performed all over the world over the years such as The Far East, Spain, Turkey and South Africa. He has also performed live on BBC radio and worked with several celebrities over the years.

This youngish bloke is truly gifted and talented with all his shows are given 110% from him. (be it clean or a bit naughty)

Wayne is a very popular choice with venues everywhere please book early to avoid disappointment.

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