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Wildfire are a contemporary duo who bring their energetic presence to every performance.

Comprising of Jess Clarke on lead vocals, who employs her unique and stunning voice to captivate the audience. along with Ryan Hutson who’s creative guitar solos paired with intricate harmonies create a breath of fresh air.

Wildfire perform a modern twist on classic songs. Their party set includes artists such as The Killers, Bruno Mars, Stevie Wonder, The Bee Gees and many more.

They also perform an acoustic show for a low key night.

They are a fantastically talented duo and cover a variety of genres from the 70s right through to present day.

Wildfire show commitment to their craft with strong vocals, harmonies and like-ability factor. Their passion for entertaining is infectious.

If your looking for a high energy duo or a low key performance then look no further than wildfire.

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