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The key to finding the perfect holiday home is not just limited to four walls- it’s also about choosing the right surroundings. Location is key which is why you need to find the park that’s right for you. Caravans are a bit like a pair of shoes- there’s no point in them just looking good. They need to be the perfect fit for you.

There are several many reasons why people grow to be unhappy with their choice of holiday park, things such as; you may have been there for many years and there’s not been much improvement, perhaps you don’t get along with other owners, maybe your friends have left to move to another park, the park may have been taken over by new owners and you’re not a fan.

Whatever the reason for you not enjoying the holiday park like you used to – you may find it difficult to deal with the park and may feel that they are giving you an unfair valuation for your static caravan. Another misconception people make is that if it doesn’t work out with the park and you’re not happy with what they’re offering you that it will be easy to sell online. If the price is incredibly low, you may have some luck but don’t forget there are many people selling caravans online, including the professional sales teams at the holiday parks who are highly trained on how to do this effectively. Do you think you can go up against them? Perhaps you can, but why bother when we give an great offer for you holiday home as well as making the whole process incredibly easy – including dealing with the holiday park once a payment has been made to you for your caravan.

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