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As we all know, here in the UK, the winter can throw us some quite awful weather. This is one of several reasons why most parks will close during the winter period. Many of you may not be aware, even though you are technically a home owner at a holiday park. No holiday parks are allowed to be operated as a place of residency; this is down to the laws and rules of our country.

Furthermore, this period of time gives the holiday park an opportunity to clean and conduct any maintenance before the next holiday season. All of the hire fleet for the holiday park will be cleaned ready for holiday makers to flock in their thousands to the park.

It’s not ideal for all that you may not use the holiday home you own during these closed periods. It may be stopping you from being able to go away at all as usually it’s around the closing time that site fees will be due, and let’s face it – they can be very expensive, depending on the park or the deal you have. Usually the best deals only go to new buyers. Are you getting the best from your holiday park?

Therefore, if you have found yourself not being very happy that you are unable to use your static caravan during the winter months – perhaps you should think of selling it to us. It’s probably the right time of year to sell as you will have had the full season and will have made the most of the expensive site fees, so before you have to pay them again, get in touch for a quote – what we offer you might be the best surprise you’ve had in quite some time.

We’re open all year long and will be ready to help you with any questions you may have regarding the sale of your caravan to us. Why not at least get a quote – It’s free!

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